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Grillers Pack

Grillers Pack

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Try our new Grillers Pack featuring two classic flavours and an ALL-NEW blend, sure to bring the BOLD to your next BBQ! Simple, delicious, and easy to use, perfect for the next time your firing up the grill or your next camping trip! 

In The Pack: 

Cariboo Steak: 

Dry rub steak with Cariboo Steak spice and salt & pepper, or for a marinade combine with olive oil and let sit for 1-2 hours minimum for the most flavour.
Grill or pan fry to desired temperature.

Ideas: Steak, Burgers, Ribs, Brisket.



Add to your favourite seafood as a dry rub or combine with olive oil for a marinade.

Ideas: Shrimp, Fish, Scallops. 



Dry Rub Or Drizzle chicken with olive oil, Rub in chicken spice covering all sides. Sprinkle with salt & pepper (Optional) and let marinate. Perfect on the grill or in the oven.

Ideas: Chicken Wings, Breasts, or Thighs, Foil Pack Vegetables. 

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Country Cuisine

Handmade. Delicious

How To Use

Easy and delicious, just dry Rub or marinate, fire up the grill and enjoy!

What's In The Jar?

The only thing in here is fresh high quality ingredients. No Preservatives. No Salt. No Seed Oils. Flavours you can feel good about.

A Few Ideas

Steak, Chicken Wings, Shrimp, Ribs, Fish, Chicken Breasts Or Thighs.